Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Los Consules of Chicago

Los Consules of Chicago obscure and rare records from Chicago under direction of Luis G.Giraldo 1977

All Material Extrusive of Dj Nilson Promo.. Thanks To All For Follow Me..


  1. THANK YOU DJ NILSON FOR POSTING THIS!!! IT HAS BROUGHT JOY TO MY HEART. My name is Felicia Perez, I am Hiram Perez granddaughter (nieta), and this peice of music that you posted is awesome!!! Is there any way that I can receive a copy of this for my grandmother Haydee Perez? Abuelo Hiram Perez passed away in may 2012, so having this peice of music would really bring happiness and joy to her and the Perez family.... my email is

  2. Hi Dj Nilson my name is Larry Perez and my father was Hiram Perez of the group los consules of Chicago [1977].He died 5/31/2012 and were trying to get a copy of that album you produced. can you please let us know how we can get a copy of it. we would like to have it as a mommento to my dad.