Saturday, January 14, 2012

Raffy Diaz Y Su Navajos 45 RPM

Side A Juego De
Side B Formo El Montuno
Logging on your Facebook and play this sample vidio...

Red and white Valentine's EXTRAVAGANZA With Dj Nilson

Coming Up in February 2012 Red and white Valentine's EXTRAVAGANZA With Dj Nilson Best Of the Best in romantic Salsa song that you ever heard..

Salsa Romántica, also known as Salsa Erotica, is a soft form of salsa music that emerged between the mid 1980s and early 1990s in New York City and Puerto Rico. It has been the most commercially successful form of salsa in the last 20 years, despite criticism that it is a pale imitation of "real" salsa, often called "salsa dura." Salsa romantica originated in Puerto Rico while Salsa Dura originated in New York City by Puerto Rican's who migrated to the mainland...

Cover Charge: $10 Guys / Lady $5 Before
Dress to impress in Read and white... hoping to see guys Lets Make THIS PARTY A Night To Remember

TI'S Gonna Be the beginning of your Romantic Candle Night.... Don't Miss


More infomation to come.... Stay Tuned..

Contact:# 647 380 2627
Dj Nilson Diaz / Facebook

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