Friday, March 1, 2013

A Tribute To Mariano Civico Costa Brava exvocalist

( Playing his Music on His Memory )

Mariano Civico Costa Brava exvocalista dies from respiratory failure
The salsa Singer died on Thursday morning in Madrid on behalf of a flu that was complicated.
Eliana Jasmine Posada, Mariano Civic wife, confirmed the death of Puerto Rican salsa. Civic died on Thursday morning in Madrid Spain.
The Costa Brava exvocalista suffered from hypertension and diabetes and was already in a program to lose weight you lost 25 kilos to avoid cardiovascular complications, however, his wife confirmed to W Radio that the singer's health was complicated after a heavy cold.
Mariano Civic just arrived in Spain after spending some time in Italy. Posada said he arrived miserable, said that in the morning gave a respiratory arrest and his heart no longer endure.

The music and love it joined Colombia and especially Cali. He had 11 years married to Jasmine Colombian Posada, who had two sons. The Cali are among the most affected by the death of salsa, for Civic resided for some time in the capital of Valle and there he catapulted himself as an international artist.

He and his wife, who is his representative, the company formed Latin Swing, dedicated to performing concert shows like Marc Anthony, Diomedes Diaz, Justin and Alejandro Fernandez.

The artist died at age 62 and is remembered for songs like 'White Linen', 'Love Kills', 'I'll make you happy Only Wish', 'Your Price', 'That woman' and 'Landscape'

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