Monday, October 26, 2009

The Orchestra Conde - Doing Good Guaguanco

a very rare salsa dura group, from NY city
The Orchestra Conde - Doing Good Guaguanco
recording on Capri Records LP s 232 - 1973
producer: by tony Barrero
track all
side A
Usa el coco
Guagunco Sabroso
A Night in The Black
El Rey Llego
Mi Amor porti
side B
Las Gentes
Salsa A MiLlon
El montuno Mio Mio ES
Latin Unity From all Side


recording on Borinquen Records 1979
side A
Ya no insistas mas
El conde de la limonada
Recuerdo de GiLLy
Tiempo Muerto
side B
Raices Jibara
Lanueva Vida
Encienda La Luz

Orquesta Narvaez - Reicannation

Orquesta Narvaez - Reicannation..
recording on tico records 1975 extreme salsadura
Orquesta Narvaez was named after band leader Dewell Narvaez. Dewell arranged and directed the band while being the bands trombone player and singing as part of the chorus.One of the interesting things about this band is that they only generated one LP, called Reincarnation in 1975. The lead singer was a young Armando Vasquez. It has been said that as Armando's voice change through his adolesense that the sound of the band changed. To that end Orquesta Narvaez did not record another LP.Although the band only produced one record, it exemplified the unique sound of salsa that emerged from the 70's 'Newyorkinos'.
side A
OBra del tiempo
side B
La mafia
El malo
El amor de puerto rico
El Clocko.. syncopated

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Orquesta hermanos fernandez - dos cara

orquesta hermanos fernandez - dos cara
recording on ARC records: puerto rico
track all
side A
amor divino
como puedes quererla
eL mantengo
homenaje al mujer
mas te quiero
side B
eL dos cara
ritmo sabroson
fiesta en el cielo
el traje Blanco
djnilson: here
recuerda: la cosa mejor si nos damos las manos

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Johnny rivere & the tequila brass- up'up and away

anothers extraordinary lp's from cotique records..

Johnny rivere & the tequila brass- up'up and away
year after year, month after month, remain one of new york's most..
popular bands. Johnny rivera Leader and director of the tequila brass
has come a lobg way in the field of music..
johnny is a former student of the julliar School os music..
majoring in music composition and arrnging..

produced: GeorGe Goldner

track all on this lp's

side A
johnny on the warpath
the clown
light my fire
side B
cloud nine
I'M so LoneLy
without a sond

russell cohen y su conjunto la new yorkers

the picture in top is the
fear 45RPM recording of russell cohen y su conjunto la new yorkers, featuring on vocal. hector Lavoe
sirca in 1967
mi chna me boto & esta de Bala

Orchestra new yorkers is climbing to recognition slowly.
but surely.
the music we play leaves an impression that you would want to hear more and more.
each one of the fellow is an accomplished musician in his own field..
russell cohen -- pianist and leader of the band
raymon murray-- 1st trombones
BoB byer-- 2nd trombonist
moises cueva jr. --- timbales
peter iglesias-- conga and vocalist
raul martinez-- pee wee vocalist
willie hernandez-- jr. flute
richard dones-- Bass

track all on this amazing lp's
side A
tres marias
Love Love, Go away
soy del pinar del rio
you' are too good to be true
I'M gonna leave you
side B
panitello fino
funky mama
on the road to Love
she's not there
produced: GeorGe Goldner
cotique records