Wednesday, October 19, 2011

City Dance Corps Present fantastic Latin Social! With Dj Nilson

The time has come for yet another fantastic Latin Social!
CityDance Corps, Jerome J Jean-Gilles...

This is the last social of the year and to make it extra special we are having a Halloween Theme to add to all the fun.

In addition to enjoying the dancing and music by our special guest DJ NILSON, we wanna see those costumes!! Wear it not only for the fun, but for the chance to win the Best Costume Contest. Dress to Impress!!

The night will begin at 7:00pm with a beginner Salsa lesson, and then get your zombie on with a special Thriller Dance workshop at 7:45pm.

The dance floor will open up at 8:30pm with a cash bar and cheap drinks.

Pricing for the evening:

$15 - with dance lessons
$10 - without dance lessons

We look forward to seeing everyone there in amazing costumes! Let's make the last Latin Social of the year the best one yet!!


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