Saturday, August 22, 2015

Vladimir And His Orchestra New Sound In Latin Jazz Released 1966

Review of totally masterpiece )
Vladimir And His Orchestra New Sound In Latin Jazz Released 1966;
"This is my idea of Latin jazz from the genre’s golden era (’50s and ’60s). The reissue CD gives the original release year as 1971. I disagree. The catalog number is consistent with a release around 1966. Commenting on the album’s boogaloo inspired number, Charlie Palmieri points out in his liner notes that: 'This album was done just as the Latin boogaloo trend erupted.' This also ties the record in with a circa 1966 release. Charlie’s lengthy notes explain that pianist/composer Vladimir Vassilieff hailed from Belgium. After relocating to Canada, then Boston, he led his own band in New York. Vladimir wrote and arranged the entire album, which features a serious lineup of cats including Bobby Rodríguez on bass, Mexican trumpeter Manny Duran, altoist/flautist Bobby Porcelli, timbalero Phil Newsum (of Orchestra Harlow fame) and vocalists Ismael Quintana and Santos Colón. My favourite cuts include 'Chonga,' 'Mambito' and 'St John’s Guaguancó,' which all swing like hell. New Sound In Latin Jazz used to be a rare Latin groove in the UK, changing hands for large sums of money. Even the Japanese limited edition vinyl reissue of the early ’90s retailed for about $50! Now it’s available for all at a reasonable price." (John Child, 2014-04-07)

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