Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The 6th Annual Salsa Jam in Cyprus " Best of the Best" With Dj Nilson

Malpas Hotel / North Cyprus - Kyrenia
Time: ‎10:00PM Wednesday, September 7th
Hope you are ‘salsaing’ and enjoying the great music offered around the world and keeping your energy levels up high.

Confirmed Artist;
Mouaze & Kristel /France
Falco & Virgina /Spain
Marco Ferrigno & Natalia / Italy
Terry & Cecile /France
Şenol & Nur / Turkey
Anna & Alex / Israel
Jack & Pauline /France
Noelita & Johan / France
Emre & Esin / Turkey
Utku & Büşra / Turkey
Özlem Sevimkan ( IMU Dance ) - Turkey
United Salseros / Canada
Gustavo & Shani / Canada
Java Panzo / Canada
Nico & Louisa / Canada (Flying Dance Company)
Jhonny Latino & Anita / Mexico
Janett Zumba / Slovakia
Beata & Gabriel / Slovakia
Ela ( Salsagalaxy) / Romania
Filomena Afonso / Luxemburg
Salsa Twins / India
La Excelencia Dance Studio / Cyprus
X- Pressions Dance Studio /Cyprus
USSR Team / Cyprus
Salsa Beats / Cyprus
Cranberries Dance Studio / Cyprus
Dance Base / Cyprus
Latino Ola / Cyprus

DJ Nilson / Canada
DJ Virgil / Netherlands
DJ by sedatgundas / Turkey
DJ Cafe / Canada
DJ Folivi / Luxemburg
DJ Folly / Luxemburg
DJ Salsero / Cyprus

This is to remind you that it really now is a matter of time, Salsa Jam in Cyprus is just around the corner, with only 30 days left to go. Count down has started!

If you still haven't registered, we strongly advise you do so as soon as possible!!

As promised, this year will be another unique festival, taking you into another dimension. We have acclaimed artists, local and international, all incredibly talented and ready to share their skills, salsa moves and their energy. Keep an eye out on our web site for the latest line-up and diverse workshops time table (TBA) at

and yes, as always we are honoured to host and bring to you only the best DJs with all their unique beats, sets and collections. We promise you, you will not want to sleep, we will be partying with them throughout the whole festival “Each night will not be an end, but will be the beginning of the next Party” be ready for the endless nights blending into the day.

Official Festival Calendar:

* 7th September Opening Party @ Tango To Buddha - Kyrenia
* 8th September Fest, Pre Party and Support Night for IMU @ Malpas Jazz.
* 9th September Friday Opening Shows and Party@ Malpas Hotel
* 10th September Saturday Gala Shows , Award Ceremony & Party
* 11th September Sunday Shows & Party
* 12th Sept. Monday Malpas Pool Party & Quente Dinner with After Party
* 13 th Sept. Golden Beach Karpaz Tour and Staying over night.
* 15th Sept. Reggae & Latin Party ( Casablanca)) @ Kyrenia

Our Workshops Schedule will be on line after 20th August on our website!!


WHITE AND PURPLE - Think elegant, stylish, sexy, hot, smart, think to dress to impress! Think WHITE colours, think PURPLE colours

We celebrate Latin, South and Central America ; their culture, music and passion for salsa, so any colour and style you associate with their traditional clothing – Think Colombian, Bolivian, Ecuadorian, Mexican, Venezuelan, Brazilian, Puerto Rican, etc. think EXOTIC colours, think VIBRANT colours…

It’s FANCY DRESS time, dress into a character you want to be for the night. The best costume will get a prize :)

IT’S NOW OR NEVER!!! Be part of the experience!
Gsm: +90 533 8683611 / +357 99137615

Office: +90 392 2271028
Salsa Jam Dream Team


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