Thursday, July 21, 2011

the forgotten Orquesta Narvaez

the forgotten Orquesta Narvaez
It's A Massage From Dewell Narvaez Lider of Orquesta Narvaez To Me Self
Hello Nilson.... thank you for your positive comments.....I will be releasing the new Orquesta Narvaez cd this fall. I see that you are a we have to stay in touch and I will send you one of the first copies. I'll be mixing the album next month; some players are Milton Cardona, Jose Mangual Jr., Reynaldo Jorge and others. All original songs and arrangements. Be well....and we'll stay in touch!......Dewell.

The most anticipated Recording Ever...For those who say it cannot be Truth.
that is mist.. Here is The the second recording of La Orquesta Narvaez


  1. Hi, I just popped in to say hello, great blog, congratulations!
    I'll follow you.
    You can visit mine if you feel like.
    Cheers from Argentina!

  2. Hola Dj Nilson, yo soy Dj Johnny g de Londres - England. como se puede conseguir una copia de esta joya musical ? ni siquiera sabia que existia este album. gracias y saludos desde inglaterra

  3. perdon se me olvido mencionar que yo soy coleccionista y tal ves pudieramos hacer un intercambio ?

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