Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Peanuts" Taylor The Various Moods

Here is To introducing "Peanuts" Taylor The Various Moods.... From Nassau Bahamas
it's one of Most Rare Latin Albums That i never imagine in music Business, thanks to a good friend of Mine who tall me About it album has alot of Flavors. in Latin Jazz & Mambo.. More info to Come...

Track All:
Side A
Mama La La
Girl From ipanema
Nassau Mambo
island Woman
Side B
Calypso island
Quiet Night
Mayba Solo
Yellow Bird
Love For Sale

Listen a Sample of "Peanuts" Taylor The Various Moods
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i Have Two Other Copy of it amazing lp for sale for any info send me a Email get your copy now of amazing lp's of Peanuts taylor..drumbeat is the essence and the soul of Bahamian culture. And the drum sets the heartbeat for all Bahamian music, including rake 'n scrape, Junkanoo and goombay.

Edmund Mo...xey, musician, historian, teacher, son of the late legend George "God Bless" Moxey, explains:

" The fundamental root of music is the drum. And the original goombay music, which dates back more than 120 years, was actually a marriage of African instruments and the accordion from Europe. The African instruments included the drum, with an animal skin stretched over a hollowed log.

We improvised

" In The Bahamas we didn't have the big tree trunks so we improvised. We used beef and pork and lard barrels or kegs to develop the drums. The beef kegs gave off a deep bass sound. The pork kegs were the baritone drums and the lard kegs were the tenors.

" What did develop was a rich, vigorous rhythm that is heard nowhere else in the world. And we can't trace it back to any one African tribe or group."

John "Chippie" Chipman and his group, Chippie and the Boys, welcome cruise ship passengers at Festival Place on Prince George Dock with their brand of traditional Bahamian music. Chipman has been making and playing drums for 55 of his 75 years. He still prefers the venerable wooden conga or goombay drum although, over the past 15 to 20 years, most drummers in The Bahamas have switched to metal drums.

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