Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gil Suarez & Hi Latins ''Meet The Hi Latins''

For Thosen Who Have Felt The Frenzied Beat Of Latin Rhythm
And For thosen Who Love It, Prepare youself For A Heaby Sound..
a combination Of Piano,Sax Vibes Bass,Timbales,congas,flute And Drums..

Here Is To Present: Gil Suarez & Hi Latins ''Meet The Hi Latins''

Band Member:
Gil Suarez: Piano And Lider
Oreste Vilato: Timbales
Flute And Sax: Joe Canonra
Oscar Garcia: Vibes
Pete Bonet: Vocal
Israel Izzie Feliu: Bass
Lefty Mardonado: Conga

Track All
Side A
The Hi Latins
My Charleston
Broken Heart
Conga Riff
Side B
Big Box
The In Between
Where Can I Go
Gil's Treat

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