Monday, December 28, 2009

(Jose) Chepito Areas And His Group

Produced By Willie Colon And Chepito Areas..
Here Is To Present (Jose) Chepito Areas And His Group
Im Recomend Is Lp's To Any Body Who Like Latin Funck.
Is Albums Alse Have A Slamming Guaguanco Descargas Track Call Guaguanco In Japan

Band Member:
Tony Juncal: Bass
Enrique Areas: Saxophone
Tuto Quezada: Trompet
Joe Ellis: Trompet
(Jose)Chepio Areas: Timbales & Congas
Martin Fierro: Tenor Sax
Hadly Calian: Tenor Sax
Willie Colon: Congas
ally Chilcott: piano
Tony Smith: Vocals
Gregg Errico: Guitar
Jose Medrano Drum
Jose Mojica: Trombones
Carmelo Valvez: Guitar
1974 CBSRecords Inc.

Track All
Side A
Funky Folsom
Remember Me
Side B
Morning Star
Buscando La Gente
Cerro Negro
Guaguanco In Japan
Listen Here: Guaguanco In Japan

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