Monday, October 26, 2009

Orquesta Narvaez - Reicannation

Orquesta Narvaez - Reicannation..
recording on tico records 1975 extreme salsadura
Orquesta Narvaez was named after band leader Dewell Narvaez. Dewell arranged and directed the band while being the bands trombone player and singing as part of the chorus.One of the interesting things about this band is that they only generated one LP, called Reincarnation in 1975. The lead singer was a young Armando Vasquez. It has been said that as Armando's voice change through his adolesense that the sound of the band changed. To that end Orquesta Narvaez did not record another LP.Although the band only produced one record, it exemplified the unique sound of salsa that emerged from the 70's 'Newyorkinos'.
side A
OBra del tiempo
side B
La mafia
El malo
El amor de puerto rico
El Clocko.. syncopated

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