Sunday, June 28, 2009

la fantastica 2001 la fantastica 2001

la fantastica 2001
it is fascinating and gratifying to hear a young..
and dynamic orchestra la fantastica 2001
develop into an exciting talented.. and definiti driving force in 70's music
here is all track fron it amazing lp's
side A
No puedo mas
El final
Las nenas
Busco un rincón lejano
Brillante estrella
side B
Moliendo cafe
Rumbero Bueno
Maria Mercé
Wild flower (flor salvaje)
Sagitarius 2001
mericana records lp xms - 123
recording in 1974

listen here la fantastica 2001


  1. Absolutely and still out there with original artist Sammy Leon

  2. Great orchestra as former member I would like to congratulate Sammy for reviving the band and I know there is a lot of new music and songs that are going to bust out in 2012.


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