Friday, February 20, 2009

seleccion quinta - aqui algo nuevo muy nuevo

seleccion quinta - aqui algo nuevo muy nuevo, recording on mericana records in 1973
here is this fantastique lp's hard salsa and alot of latin soul.... track recommend sin miedo ala vida
track including on this lp's
side A
dios y la libertad
en una tarde gris
sin miedo ala vida
side B
con ella
tu abandono
fantasia y realidad
cuando aclare
la casa
produce by ralph lew and pedrito henrique
recording on ochoa studio, puerto rico 1973
get high on salsa, not on drugs


  1. How could I listen to this music or get a copy? I loved this LP, I listened it while I was growing up in PR. My uncle played in this band, Luis Santiago, the third from the left. I would like to get a copy for my mom.

    1. My dad is the one in the far left in the striped pants (kenny Olson)

  2. Hey Mister Burgos*** I Hope You Are Enjoin The Albums Of La Selecion Quinta

  3. can i get the password to this albums of La selecion quinta or get a copy. ,,,,,
    aguadilla, P. R.

  4. me gustaria tener una copia del album de esta
    magnifica orquesta puertorriqueña.....


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