Sunday, January 24, 2016

Comong Soon! Dj-Nilson SALSA-DURA ( Compilation on vinyl )

After months of negotiations with the company who gonna print my new Dj-Nilson SALSA-DURA compilation on vinyl, finally the deal is done!!!!!! Friends and flowers, Djs colleagues and vinyl aficionados I'm about to bring you something that I was dreaming for long long time and this dream is almost come true.

Dj Nilson Coming To Brussels For Second time

Vinyl session for Mambo Addicts Dj Gabriel de Paris 🎧 Dj Lukas (CA) 🎧 Dj Shamyko (BE) 🎧 Dj Nilson (CA) 🎧 Dj Sugar On Sunday (FR) 🎧 ...