Monday, August 24, 2009

djnilson's #7 aniversary of DiGGin it the most

Don't miss 4 wonderful reasons to celebrate with our dear salsa friends: DJ Nilson's 7th anniversary, Gorete's superlative shines lesson, DJ Efrain's from cleveland Ohio supreme Salsa Du...ra spinning and some birthday fun. djnilson's and dj efrain flores {SPINNIG CLASSIC SALSADURA on VINYL Stay tuned for further details!

Dj Nilson Coming To Brussels For Second time

Vinyl session for Mambo Addicts Dj Gabriel de Paris 🎧 Dj Lukas (CA) 🎧 Dj Shamyko (BE) 🎧 Dj Nilson (CA) 🎧 Dj Sugar On Sunday (FR) 🎧 ...